The Pilgrim University Record (Credential) is a document which identifies the "university pilgrim" of any university in the world and certifies his transition through all the european universities located in any itinerary of The St. James Way: French route (Lemovicense, Tolosana, Turonense, Podiense), North route, Via de la Plata, English route, Portuguese route, Madrid's route, Valencia's route, Alicante's route, Cartagena's route, Catalunya's route and Ruta del Ebro.

With the Credential properly stamped, the university pilgrim can obtain the University Jacobean Certificate (Compostela Universitaria), and the traditional Compostela which will certify the pilgrim of performing the Way.

The pilgrimage is considered completed, when the university pilgrim has done one of the itineraries of The Way of St. James.

Depending on the itinerary, the pilgrim can present the certification in each one of the universities of the chosen path, so that the universities will stamp it with their corresponding university mark or seal. In the case in which there is more than one university in the same city, it will only require the stamp of one of them.

The university pilgrim can show the Credential in his/her university, at the beginning or at the end of the journey, so that he/she might have the university certificate stamp in the corresponding space where the student, alumni or professor are from. In this way, we share this document with all the universities of the world.